Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You Can Break Her Foot; but You Can't Break Her Spirit!

Another week down! It was crazy busy for multiple reasons. For one, we picked up 4 new investigators! The power of fasting and prayer is real. Our district dedicated a full day to finding new people to teach and it was a success for everyone! We've been going around chalking sidewalks and parks with mormon.org links and #hallelujah for the Easter Initiative, so even if we don't talk to everyone there, they'll for sure see it!
So, my companion is very intense. She has mad drive for missionary work (which is awesome). Such drive, that we went to the podiatrist on Friday and found out she's been walking around on a broken foot for 7 months...7 months!! She finally took the time to get it checked out and is now donning crutches and a scooter. You'd think an injury like that would slow someone down, but she's going twice as fast now that she has a scooter to zip around on. Not to mention the handicapped parking permit we got #score. Pray for me that I can keep up with her now!
Saturday we got to go to a temple sealing! I love love love sealings in the temple and knowing that you can be together for time and all eternity, not till death do you part! Afterwards we went to the reception, which was a blast. They played lots of good music, but I had to pretend I wasn't paying attention, cuz you know, we're supposed to be professional and all that. But it was still so much fun! I felt like a real person again for a while :)
Last night we went to Mission President's Fireside, which is where all the missionaries in the mission can bring their investigators and have a testimony meeting about the gospel. It's AWESOME. It was so exciting to see all the missionaries from my last area. I was catching up with a sister from my old zone when the spirit told me to go talk to a woman who was coming out of the bathroom. I didn't really want to because I wanted to stay and chat with the other missionaries before they left, but I went ahead and went over to her. It turns out she's from Alabama and was born in Mississippi!  Her name is Little Fawn, and she opened up her whole life story and we talked for nearly 30 minutes. She fell into the same problems a lot of girls in the south do, and got pregnant when she was 15. She's 27 and has 5 kids, and is pregnant with her sixth. She was deciding on the names Thelma or LuAnne...I told her I liked Thelma and she agreed that was the better fit, so I can say I help named a baby on my mission! She is the sweetest person I've ever met, and I couldn't help but want to give her the biggest hug and tell her I loved her. She couldn't stop crying during most of our conversation, and hormones definitely could have something to do with it, but I think she really felt the spirit after the fireside. She lives an hour outside of our area, but she said she was saving up for a car and that she would drive down and make us grits and cornbread. After she walked away I talked to her elders and they said they hadn't asked her to be baptized yet...I told them to GET ON IT. She's so ready and so needs the gospel! Just like we all do, even if we don't realize it.
Well, that's kind of all the super eventful stuff, and there's a zip-line calling my name at a member's house, so....until next week! -Sister Brett
"And now, O my son, this was the ministry unto which ye were called, to declare these glad tidings unto this people, to prepare their minds; or rather that salvation might come unto them, that they may prepare the minds of their children to hear the word at the time of his coming." -Alma

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