Saturday, April 16, 2016

Commodes and the Como Zoo

This week has been all kinds of crazy. (In a good way). Our district went to the temple, which was great. I love that we have a temple in our mission boundaries and are able to go as often as we do. It's a wonderful time for personal revelation for your life. After that we went to the zoo! I haven't been to an actual zoo in ages, so it was a lot of fun. Also...DEON IS GETTING BAPTIZED! A little background on him in case I haven't mentioned anything in a while. Deon is (well, now was!) Hindu, but his brother joined the church and he had the desire to learn what he believed. He's so intelligent, and LOVES the Book of Mormon. He's date-set for May 28th. Woohoo!
We had another lesson with Tony. We watched the Restoration movie with him and a young couple from the ward. The spirit was so strong, especially when Joseph Smith was martyred. Afterwards when we asked him what he felt, you could tell he was pretty emotional and really felt the spirit. Tony never verbalizes how he feels, and it's usually a constant guessing game. But his emotions made it clear that he knew what he saw really happened, and that Joseph Smith was truly a prophet of God. Tony has come leaps and bounds, and for him to tell us he would finally, with real intent, pray about it, is huge.
Our other investigators are good, but I wouldn't really call them progressing. You can definitely tell who has the desire to learn, and who just wants to use the missionaries as therapists or for slave labor haha. Which isn't bad, because we love to help people with their problems, and we love to do service- but there's a difference between wanting to learn about the gospel and just wanting people to talk to. We fasted yesterday for some solid people desiring to come closer to Christ, and I know our prayers will be answered in God's perfect timing!
So if you thought winter was over for us up north, you thought wrong- we had a massive white-out the other day. I mean, humongous. Luckily we weren't out driving around in it this time, but in a matter of 2 minutes the parking lot outside our window went from nothing to BAM! a foot of snow. It's getting ridiculous, I am soooo ready for spring!! Your girl ain't cut out for the Eskimo life. On the bright side, it was good we got snowed in, because our toilet decided to EXPLODE. Our whole bathroom got flooded- it was pretty nasty. Coming from a girl who's never even held a plunger before, it was gross. But yay for missions teaching you how to be self-reliant, and we figured out how to make the flooding go down. It's always an adventure!
This time next week transfers will have been announced, so this might be my last week in Eden Prairie. I am so grateful for the gospel and for all the ways it's blessed my family. The church is true! Love, Sister Brett

Thursday, April 7, 2016

#G Conference

 This was the greatest weekend! General Conference is the Super Bowl
for missionaries. For my non-member friends, General Conference is the
opportunity we have to hear directly from the prophet and the apostles
speaking on a wide variety of topics that we're facing in our lives
right now. It was so inspiring, and the spirit was so strong! We were
able to have several of our investigators watch it, and I know they
enjoyed it too. One of these was Lesley...she is incredible. She
believes everything we've taught, and is the most committed person
I've met so far on my mission, but her parents are very set in their
religion and won't let her join the church. We set a date with her,
and she said she wants to be baptized on her 18th birthday! Which is
all the way in October. Until then, we'll continue to teach her and
help her faith keep growing. Margaret continues to struggle with Word
of Wisdom, but as she reads the scriptures and prays, I can see her
desire to change growing. Tony and Chalese are still the cutest
couple, and I'm pretty sure they're secretly engaged. His faith is a
little shaky, and you can only have someone read Alma 32 so many
times! I think he relies on her testimony too much. But he's great, I
love them! We have a total of 7 progressing investigators, which I am
so happy about, but Satan tries his hardest to lead people away when
they're on the right path. Your heart breaks when you see them
struggle, but the Lord's light breaks through all darkness.

We went on exchanges and I got to spend the day with Sister Steadman
in Bloomington. I love her to death, she is the kindest sister I've
ever met! She's got such a light about her. I definitely didn't want
the exchange to come to an end! We street contacted, taught a lesson,
and committed baptism all to one person- and he said yes! It was the
coolest experience. The Lord has His hand in everything.

Last night we had a zone sister sleepover at the mission home! Not
many people can say they did Zumba with their mission president's
wife. I'm currently writing this email on the couch with President
Forbes hanging out with the sisters. I updated him on Sister
Teuscher's love life back home- it was divine inspiration he put us
together. I still miss my trainer every day! You always take for
granted what an incredible companion you have until they're gone and
things are different. But you're with every single companion for a

I am so grateful that God continues to lead and guide us through a
living prophet on the earth today. God is the same today, tomorrow,
and yesterday, and will never forget His children or leave them
without any direct communication to Him. It just wouldn't make sense!
I am so grateful to be able to share that with the people here. Until
next week! -Sister Brett

Friday, April 1, 2016

In Minnesota we eat fire and egg people!

Happy Easter! Hope you guys had a wonderful Sabbath yesterday. Some
church members had a big Easter egg hunt and chili cook-off, so we got
to go spend time with them and eat lots of good food- success! We also
egged some houses...and by "egg" I mean construction paper eggs with
quotes and smiley faces on them. Same thing basically. Maybe a little
less messy. We saw a fire stunt show because some members are in a
group that travels around and performs, so that was a super cool way
to end the night.

I really, REALLY thought we were in the clear this week. The weather
started warming up, the ice was finally melting, birds had even
started singing the sweet song of spring, and then- GIANT SNOW STORM.
We were driving when it hit, and within 5 minutes I couldn't see three
feet ahead of me. The weather here is RIDICULOUS. I am so ready for

I know more happened, but I'm drawing a blank. We visited a lot of
neat people, our investigators are progressing, and the area is great!
So since my letter is really short, I'll take some time to bear my
testimony, because when you share your faith, it grows even more! I am
so grateful for the sacrifice and Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know He
conquered death and rose again. I know He lives to comfort us and save
us, no matter how far away we feel from Him. The gospel of Jesus
Christ is for EVERYONE, not one person is excluded or doesn't deserve
it, even when we feel like we aren't worthy of it. Death has no
victory, the grave no sting. It is swallowed up in Christ. I love Him
and will forever be indebted to all the blessings He gives us, His
brothers and sisters. Love you all! -Sister Brett