Friday, April 1, 2016

In Minnesota we eat fire and egg people!

Happy Easter! Hope you guys had a wonderful Sabbath yesterday. Some
church members had a big Easter egg hunt and chili cook-off, so we got
to go spend time with them and eat lots of good food- success! We also
egged some houses...and by "egg" I mean construction paper eggs with
quotes and smiley faces on them. Same thing basically. Maybe a little
less messy. We saw a fire stunt show because some members are in a
group that travels around and performs, so that was a super cool way
to end the night.

I really, REALLY thought we were in the clear this week. The weather
started warming up, the ice was finally melting, birds had even
started singing the sweet song of spring, and then- GIANT SNOW STORM.
We were driving when it hit, and within 5 minutes I couldn't see three
feet ahead of me. The weather here is RIDICULOUS. I am so ready for

I know more happened, but I'm drawing a blank. We visited a lot of
neat people, our investigators are progressing, and the area is great!
So since my letter is really short, I'll take some time to bear my
testimony, because when you share your faith, it grows even more! I am
so grateful for the sacrifice and Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know He
conquered death and rose again. I know He lives to comfort us and save
us, no matter how far away we feel from Him. The gospel of Jesus
Christ is for EVERYONE, not one person is excluded or doesn't deserve
it, even when we feel like we aren't worthy of it. Death has no
victory, the grave no sting. It is swallowed up in Christ. I love Him
and will forever be indebted to all the blessings He gives us, His
brothers and sisters. Love you all! -Sister Brett

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