Thursday, April 7, 2016

#G Conference

 This was the greatest weekend! General Conference is the Super Bowl
for missionaries. For my non-member friends, General Conference is the
opportunity we have to hear directly from the prophet and the apostles
speaking on a wide variety of topics that we're facing in our lives
right now. It was so inspiring, and the spirit was so strong! We were
able to have several of our investigators watch it, and I know they
enjoyed it too. One of these was Lesley...she is incredible. She
believes everything we've taught, and is the most committed person
I've met so far on my mission, but her parents are very set in their
religion and won't let her join the church. We set a date with her,
and she said she wants to be baptized on her 18th birthday! Which is
all the way in October. Until then, we'll continue to teach her and
help her faith keep growing. Margaret continues to struggle with Word
of Wisdom, but as she reads the scriptures and prays, I can see her
desire to change growing. Tony and Chalese are still the cutest
couple, and I'm pretty sure they're secretly engaged. His faith is a
little shaky, and you can only have someone read Alma 32 so many
times! I think he relies on her testimony too much. But he's great, I
love them! We have a total of 7 progressing investigators, which I am
so happy about, but Satan tries his hardest to lead people away when
they're on the right path. Your heart breaks when you see them
struggle, but the Lord's light breaks through all darkness.

We went on exchanges and I got to spend the day with Sister Steadman
in Bloomington. I love her to death, she is the kindest sister I've
ever met! She's got such a light about her. I definitely didn't want
the exchange to come to an end! We street contacted, taught a lesson,
and committed baptism all to one person- and he said yes! It was the
coolest experience. The Lord has His hand in everything.

Last night we had a zone sister sleepover at the mission home! Not
many people can say they did Zumba with their mission president's
wife. I'm currently writing this email on the couch with President
Forbes hanging out with the sisters. I updated him on Sister
Teuscher's love life back home- it was divine inspiration he put us
together. I still miss my trainer every day! You always take for
granted what an incredible companion you have until they're gone and
things are different. But you're with every single companion for a

I am so grateful that God continues to lead and guide us through a
living prophet on the earth today. God is the same today, tomorrow,
and yesterday, and will never forget His children or leave them
without any direct communication to Him. It just wouldn't make sense!
I am so grateful to be able to share that with the people here. Until
next week! -Sister Brett

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