Tuesday, March 22, 2016

More Cake?

This week was awesome! We got to go see Lamb of God, an oratorio about
the ministry of Christ. It was so good! We listen to the soundtrack
all the time, so when we got the chance to go we were flipping out!
Two of the members in the ward played in the orchestra. We brought an
investigator, Deon. He's Hindi, but he wants to be baptized! He's
great. And always smells like curry. Our other investigator, Tony,
came to church again yesterday! I can't remember if I've written about
him, but his girlfriend asked us to start teaching the missionary
discussions to him. They want to get married, so at first he was kind
of obligatorily taking the lessons. But after meeting with him a few
times, he's really understanding everything and getting all of his
"questions of the soul" answered. The catch is that they travel all
over the world doing humanitarian work....and they leave next month
for the Philippines, then Africa, then India...indefinitely. So we
need to set a baptismal date for the beginning of April before they
leave! He's totally ready to take that next step and make the
commitment to Heavenly Father to follow Him. Our date-set Margaret has
gone completely MIA. Last we heard she was still living with her
boyfriend and not keeping the Word of Wisdom- probably why she's
flaking on us. Keep her in your prayers! We've also been going to see
a part-member family, the Norton's. She's a returned missionary, but
she married a non-member. They've been trying for a long time to get
her husband to join the church, but he wasn't really having it. But
the other day after they had us over for dinner, we talked about the
importance of gospel in families- and he agreed to take the missionary
discussions!!!! Maybe the time is finally right for him.

The members in this ward are such good missionaries! In Relief Society
yesterday we taught the first missionary discussion- The Restoration
of the gospel. All of the women committed to give a pass-along card
and share the gospel with someone this week! The Lord has been
blessing us with lots of opportunities this week to share the
Restoration with people.

Sister Turner likens the Bible and the Book
of Mormon to cake. The Bible is like a piece of cake. The Book of
Mormon is like another piece. Who wants to say no to more cake? You
can't have too much of a good thing!

Sidenote: The high school kids in Eden Prairie drive nicer cars than
I'll ever even pretend to own. They're so rich they wear crocs with
socks because they just don't even care. And their houses have
sculpture gardens in the front yard. But they're great for contacting
while we're at parks by the school!

I hit my 4 month mark this week! It doesn't feel like I've been out
that long. I still feel so new, but they've already had 3 new sets of
missionaries come in after me. I have so much to learn, but I think
I've gotten the hang of being a real missionary! It's been the best 4
months of my life- no exaggeration.

We had the best miracle! We were tailgating into someone's apartment
because they've gone MIA, and all the doors were locked and no one in
sight to let us in. We said a prayer asking that we could find some
way to get in within the next five minutes. Just as it hit the five
minute mark, we saw a man doing his laundry through a window. We
knocked on it and motioned for him to let us in, and he did! It was a
MIRACLE. God is so good! Prayers sometimes get answered in strange
ways. But whatever works!

**Tender mercy of the week: My favorite song, SeƱorita by Justin
Timberlake, played at a gas station while we were filling up, so I got
to listen to it for a hot second!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week as we get ready for Easter. Go check
out the powerful videos especially FOLLOW HIM  on  mormon.org 

Sister Brett

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