Thursday, March 3, 2016

The results are in ....

Just got the transfer email sheet...I'm being transferred to Eden Prairie! Goodbye ghetto, hello high rollers! Some legitimate sadness in that. I'm going to miss Sister Peterson like crazy, being with her was the most fun I've ever had on my mission. But I'm getting her last companion, Sister Turner, and I hear fun stories about her all the time so I know she'll be great!
 We saw a 60 degree day last week! It was GORGEOUS. Everyone was
outside enjoying the weather so we had a ton of contacting
opportunities. We hit up all the lemonade and hot dog stands in
people's yards. I got scammed out of like $20 by little hoodlum kids
to keep buying their hotdogs. Every time we handed them cash we
low-key slipped in a pass-along card. Thugs. Then the next day it was
snowing again. #bipolar

We went to meet with a media referral named Latisha. We knocked on her
front door and she motioned for us to come to the back door. Sketch.
Then we go around back and there's like 20 bags of dirt and mulch.
Sketchier. At this point I'm thinking she's going to shank and bury us
in her yard and no one will ever see us again. And then we go inside
and have the BEST lesson ever. She loves God and wants to build a
stronger relationship with Him. We gave her a Bible and Book of Mormon
and she said she'd read and pray about it! Later that day we met with
Amy again. I don't think I wrote about her in my last letter, but
she's a single mom of 6 kids. She's amazing, but sometimes I think
she's just using us to clean her house haha. Every time we've gone
over we've cooked and cleaned for her and babysat her kids. We do get
to teach a little bit (when she's not distracted with her newborn),
and she said she'd pray about what we've been sharing. They're an
adorable family and I really hope they make the decision Heavenly
Father wants them to! We checked up on some YSA less-actives and found
ourselves at a frat house full of shirtless dudes. I'VE BECOME SO
AWKWARD. Sister Peterson did all the talking and I literally just
stared at the ground. I can talk to anyone, but when it comes to
semi-attractive people of the opposite sex I turn into such a weirdo.
Please send help.

I don't know what happened this week in the real world, but
Minneapolis is full of "Black Lives Matter" signs and posters- even
more than usual. I saw a headline on the local news for about 3
seconds in the nursing home about a teen in town getting shot, but I
don't know if there's any correlation between that and all the
protestors around. Not being able to hear information about stuff is
hard! I have no idea who I'm even going to vote for because I
literally don't know anything that they're saying! #missionlifeprobs.
In other domestic people news, the baby fever is unreal. We've been
teaching a lot of people with babies and they are soooo stinking cute!
I didn't even care when one of them puked on me. Mom Prep 101. I've
also become the man in the companionship- I killed my first spider on
my own! (Well, by "on my own" I mean with the help of hairspray and a
Swiffer). We also deep cleaned our apartment in case one of us left
for transfers...I think I inhaled a super unhealthy amount of mold in
our bathroom. We're learning to crochet from an old lady in our ward
who is literally Cruella DeVille. She makes you cry, but she can also
make you a  nice scarf to wipe the tears away.

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