Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Why did the turkey cross the road?

This week was such a spiritual high! It was amazing. We saw Carissa again; she was pretty stressed with midterms coming up and had a ton on her plate, so we were just there for her so she could rant a little and know that we care about her. She took us to the game room in the dorm and we played foosball and pool. Can I reiterate how much I love her? Shoutout for winning 2nd place in their student film festival on Friday! She's a really talented screenwriter.

We had a stellar zone conference! There was a lot of amazing training that went on. We had a really inspiring training on consecration and obedience as a missionary. Sometimes mission rules seem silly, but we miss out on blessings and sometimes even revelation when we're not being obedient. I'm still working on being a completely consecrated missionary, and I'm not sure that's even possible. But I know the Lord sees our efforts every day. They asked us to sing again at conference, so Sister Peterson and I sang a hymn in Spanish in hopes that President Forbes will transfer us to Spanish areas, haha. We'll see if it works! 

Afterwards Sis P and I went to Culver's for ice cream (almost as good as Andy's frozen custard back home) and Sister Cupkie showed up out of the blue (#stalkerstatus) and payed for everything for us. Let me tell you something about the Cupkies- they're flipping legit. Both of them are in the FBI and did several tours in Iraq and could probably- no, definitely- kill you with their bare hands. They're the kind of people that if you called them in the middle of the night to help you bury a dead body, they'd literally cover your tracks- granted you're on their good side. Sister Cupkie told us we were her favorite missionaries though, so I think we're covered. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. He's going to teach us self-defense so we can fend for ourselves in North Minne. Holla! 

The sweetest woman in our ward, Sister Young, watched her husband pass away this week. I remember when she told us that his health was failing, and that was near the end of my first transfer. So all in a matter of about a month he made a rapid decline. We went to see him in the hospital, and I remember her holding his hand and staring at him the whole time we were there, like she was taking in every second she could with him. After the funeral she had us over for dinner- that woman is a saint. If my husband had just died, there's no way I would make dinner for missionaries the same day. She's so strong, and knows she'll see him again. I have a testimony and love of the Plan of Salvation, God's plan of happiness for all His children. Just like our birth into this mortal life is a necessary part of the plan, so is death. It doesn't make losing a loved one easy, but it gives us peace to know that families can be together forever, even after this life. I know with all my heart that Brother Young is in a much better place and is still watching over his sweet wife, and will until they're reunited again. 

" From an earthly perspective, physical death may seem like an end, but really it is a beginning, a step forward in Heavenly Father’s plan. At death, your spirit will leave your body and go to the spirit world, which is a place of learning and preparation. In the spirit world, your memories of this life will remain with you.
Death will not change your personality or your desire for good or evil. If you choose to follow Christ during your life on earth, you will be at peace in the spirit world and will rest from your cares. 
Heavenly Father knew that many of His children would never have an opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ during their lives and that others would choose not to follow Him. Because He loves His children, God provided a way for those in the spirit world to learn about His plan, have faith in Jesus Christ, and repent. Those who accept and follow Jesus Christ will have peace and rest." 

Teaching about this incredible and loving plan is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary. I can't imagine going through life and not knowing where I was going after this life, or if I would ever see my loved ones again. I know we were put in our specific families for a reason, and I love mine more than anything! Shoutout Brett fam! 
Until next week, Sister Brett 

*Highlights of the week: baking a year's worth of cookies in a day, waxing Sister Peterson's legs, getting to see ten minutes of Inside Out at an investigator's, and almost hitting a turkey in the middle of the road

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