Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Nyob Zoo Xyoo Tshiab(Happy New Year in Hmong language)

Happy New Year! This week has been a total flashback of the start of my mission...Tuesday night I got a call saying instead of staying in my area for a week, I was going to work in a trio in North Minneapolis aka my very first area!! And one of the sisters serving there is Sister Heiner, one of my MTC companions! So it's a double flashback! It's been so fun to be back where I started, but I feel like a completely different missionary since I actually know what I'm doing now! Well, for the most part haha. The work is still going strong here- the ghetto is flourishing with the gospel! Probably because it's too cold to deal drugs until about May. 

I'm sad to not be in Eau Claire...I miss the 'gators and the ward to death already! But I'm SO excited to be with Sister Winters next week and meet all the sisters in the zone. And I'm SUPER excited to start going on exchanges with them and getting to see how they work in their areas! STL life! YSA life! 

Shout out to the amazing people back in LA who sent the cutest Christmas package- minus the mini bottle of vodka (water? #hopefully) and a Cosmo magazine. I'll just donate them to a less-active or something ;) 

Since this isn't really my area right now, I don't have much missionary work to talk about since the investigators aren't mine! (They're the Lord's anyway!). But we taught a restoration lesson in a homeless shelter to the sister's investigator which was super sketch but actually really cool! The gospel is for EVERYONE! I'm so thrilled for 2017...I can't believe in just 4 months my missionary service will come to an end! But until it does, best believe we'll be finding every soul we're meant to teach!!!

Love, Sister Brett

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