Sunday, January 15, 2017

I can't feel my face when I'm with you; but I love it!

This week was literally the best week of my whole mission! Our mission president says "A working missionary is a happy missionary." and it is SO true. Even though the weather has been fiercely cold, we`ve been out talking to people on campus every day. God is blessing us SO richly, because almost every person wev`ve talked to wants to learn more about the gospel! There are so many prepared hearts at the U of M! Our progressing investigator Jeanne watched Meet the Mormons with us and she absolutely loved it. She said she related to all the different stories in different ways, and was grateful it helped lessen the stigma of who "Mormons" are. She`s ready to be baptized and is excited to join the church, she just has to tell her super Lutheran family...please send some prayers her way! Laura is doing SO well...she gets her own paragraph!

If Laura has any flaws, we haven't found them yet! She`s so loving and dedicated to helping others and following Christ. She`s been receiving a LOT of family opposition, and her parents are trying to convince her not to leave the Catholic church. She said she wanted an answer from God if she should keep her baptismal date, or push it back until her family is more approving. So we recruited a recent convert (who`s already super close with Laura) to take us on a road trip to the temple! But we wanted it to be a surprise for Laura, so we brought church clothes for her and told her to put them on so we could go on an adventure...she just went with it and didnt ask any questions! When we pulled up to the temple Laura gasped and said, "Its so beautiful!!!". Since shes not a member yet we sat in the pretty waiting room and talked about what she was thinking. (One of those thoughts was that the temple felt like what she thinks Heaven will be like.) We read some scriptures and knelt down to pray, and Laura offered the most beautiful prayer I`ve ever heard. She started out just by saying, "Heavenly Father, I want to know when you want me to be baptized. Please tell me." She paused and we waited with our eyes closed for a long time, and finally she ended her prayer. She got a pretty strong confirmation that she should stick with being baptized February she is! She is SO excited! We actually got permission to go to the Mall of America with her today!!! She wants to make invitations for her baptism, she`s so cute!

Highlights of the week: 
Laura cooked us and the elders a total four-course meal 
We got ice cream in -20 degree weather 
Sister Winters and I matched dos times 
The YSA from the Hmong branch came down to surprise me!

Sister Winters: "It`s so cold outside, I can`t feel my face."
Me: "I think The Weeknd wrote a song about that..."

*walking around with her Book of Mormon showing everyone at FHE* Laura: "Look! You see where it says the angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith on September 21st? That`s my birthday! It`s a sign!"

Sorry it`s kinda rushed, we`re headed to the Mall of America! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL week! -Sister Brett

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