Saturday, January 21, 2017

30 Degree Heatwave!

This week was such a blur, there's no way it's already Pday again! Classes started up at U of M, so the campus has tons of students walking around now- which is awesome, because we've been able to talk to so many more people! One of those people is Vivian. She's from Columbia and getting her PhD in Linguistics (Espana). We saw her walking on campus and invited her to a spaghetti dinner everyone from institute was going to- and she actually showed up! Whats awesome is almost half the ward served Spanish speaking missions, so people were connecting with her and enjoying using their Espanol (even though her English is perfect). We taught her about the Restoration and she was super excited to read El Libro De Mormon :) Last night it was her birthday, so a member took us and her out to dinner and then we had Friday Night Activity with the ward. Everyone adores Vivian, and she adores them right back! 

Laura is still AMAZING. And AWESOME news- her father is coming to her baptism!!! The only day he can make it is February 12th, so Laura is willing to move her date back a week so he can come. She's a little sad she can't do it as soon as she wanted to, but knows this could really build their relationship. Last Saturday we went to the Mall of America with her and Emma, a recent convert. It was SO much fun! They goaded me into riding a roller coaster, which I totally got sick from, but it was so worth it haha! Also, our district went to the temple! It was so nice to be able to feel the Spirit so strongly in the Lord's house. And I saw lots of people from Eau Claire who decided to take a trip there! It was a nice mini-reunion. 

Jeanne and Laura went to the Mission President's Fireside, where converts share their conversion stories. Jeanne said how much she loved it and wished they had it every week! Laura went up to Presdient Forbes and told him she would be speaking next month- his reaction was priceless. Usually you get invited to speak, but she is definitely on fire and wants to share her story! So he set it up and now she's set to speak at the one next month! 

We had exchanges this week and I got to work with Sister Woo, who goes home from her mission to Hong Kong next month! It's crazy how in 18 months you can go from speaking no English to being practically fluent. There's still a little bit that gets lost in translation when she talks, but it always ends up being hilarious, so it all works out :) She joined the church when she was 16 with her mom, and they're the only members in her family. But she hopes her example will guide them to the truth. 

Last night we had SEVEN INVESTIGATORS at our activity!!! The work is ROCKIN at U of M! I love this area so much, there are so many people willing to learn about the true church of Christ. Being a missionary is the best ever, especially right here, right now. Hope everyone has a great week! 
Love, Sister Brett 

*Tender mercy: the past few days have been in the 20s and 30s...aka SUMMER!!

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