Friday, December 23, 2016

On the Ninth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me....

This week I've been thinking a lot about the prophesies of the birth of the Savior, like the new star in the sky that would appear as a sign of His coming. For example, when our car wouldn't start this week, it was a sign of the arrival of winter. Or when we had to break out the snow shovels. Or start wearing thermals. Personally I'd much rather enjoy the arrival of baby Jesus than brace for the hash cold front, but I'm grateful we get to celebrate His humble birth, even in the deep mid-winter. 

We've had LOTS of opportunities to find new investigators! The roads have been pretty nasty, so we've been opting to walk almost everywhere. People go out of their way to tell us we're insane for tracting while the snow is pelting down, so it makes for a great conversation starter! And there's definitely no better time to be a missionary than the holidays. Everyone is way happy and a lot more willing to hear our message. 

Yesterday was Clois' third week in a row at church! She really loves it- and we love her! She always has these wonderful insights she shares in class and people just eat her up. She fits right in. I see a bright future in the Relief Society...
Gene and Rosemary are still struggling with keeping the Word of Wisdom. Kicking a smoking habit is so hard! But they really want to make their baptismal date, so please keep them in your prayers! We had a few investigators and lots of less-actives at the ward Christmas party, which was awesome! The only not awesome part? Everyone got food poisoning. Sister Wilcox and I woke up throwing up, and later on the elders texted us saying they were ralphing too. We kept hearing from members throughout the week that they'd gotten sick, so basically everyone who went to the party ended up with DEATH. EXCEPT the people we invited! It's a Christmas miracle! If that's not proof God is real, I don't know what is. 
We had Zone Conference this week which was SUCH a blast! Remember my companion from FOREVER ago, Sister Peterson? We're back in the same zone! So she and her companero sang "O Holy Night" and I accompanied them on guitar. It was so fun seeing everyone since we're way out in the middle of nowheresville Wisconsin! 

**Awkward moment of the week: we went on splits with a less-active member, and she saw us on our AreaBook that has members labeled as "Active" or "Less-Active". So she looks over and sees her name under "Less-Active" and she's like "What's that?" Most. Awkward. Moment. Ever. BUT she and her family were at church on Sunday! So I guess it all worked out.  

Love you all so much! -Sister Brett

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