Sunday, December 11, 2016

#Light the World

I feel like I just emailed 4 days ago...probably because I did. We had the best Thanksgiving! The members are way too good to us here- we have enough leftovers to last another week! I've gained approximately 5,000 pounds. Bless whoever made skirts with elastic waist bands. 

Yesterday was great! Clois came to church and LOVED it. She said how welcomed she felt and told everyone she was coming back next week. 

FUN MIRACLE! Remember forever ago when I wrote about this dude falling out of the tree we were standing under? Welllll we found him! And he wasn't in a tree! He was selling organic herbal tea #wordofwisdomapproved 

Little spiritual thought! Friday the church came out with the cutest 2 minute Christmas video called "Light the World". It's all about being the light for those who need it, just like the Savior is. It's really touching, and I challenge all of you to watch it and share it on your social media pages- you never know who might see it scrolling on their news feed and really need it! I'm so grateful to have Christ light my life.

Quotes of the week: 

Us: "Would you like to come see your visiting teachee with us?"
Member: "Ugh, I'd rather stab my eyes out." 
Us: "Cool." 

Member: "If you'd have told me I'd be married 4 times I would have shot myself in the head...but it's been fun!"
Clois: "Oh, good for you." 

Love, Sister Brett

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