Sunday, October 9, 2016

The wind bloweth where it listeth

This week was a whirlwind! Literally and figuratively. It's the last
week before transfers, so our zone is working really hard to
accomplish our goal of finding 64 new investigators (averaging 16 per
week) before the end of the month. Sister Grover is a spiritual giant
and led us straight to the door of an awesome new potential! We walked
past the door of an apartment and she was like "I want to teach a
lesson to the people in this apartment. Right now." She stopped dead
on her tracks and just knocked! And the girl who answered was SO super
sweet, had just moved in, and invited us over for dinner this week!
I'm a proud missionary momma! She's got way more guts than me...I'm
not training her, it's definitely the other way around! She teaches me
something new every day- I'm so lucky!

The literal whirlwind came in the form of a torrential thunderstorm
that flooded a majority of the streets in town. The Lord is so mindful
of us! We were planning on going to Augusta, a town about 30 miles
outside of Eau Claire that you have to take all country farm roads to
get to. We just had a feeling we shouldn't go that day, and we were so
grateful we heeded the Spirit, because all the back roads were
underwater and we would have been stranded. It was pretty cool- all
the tornado sirens were going off, and we decided to watch the storm
from our from our front hallway- we sat outside with our blankets and
rain ponchos and watched all the thunder and lightning.  I think it'll
be one of the last summer thunderstorms before winter hits- it's
stayed in the 50s all week. I'm ready for fall!

We had a super spiritual lesson with Aaron and his daughter! We
brought a member with us named Brother Harris (whose great x10 uncle
is Martin Harris #mormonfamous). The two were definitely an unlikely
pair...they come from completely different backgrounds, but they hit
it off so quick! Bro Harris invited Aaron to church-ball this week, so
hopefully he'll get fellowshipped in pretty well. Taylor got us these
matching key chains to thank us for always coming over to teach them-
it was so sweet! They've got a lot of rough edges (blame it on
Detroit), but inside they've got hearts of gold!  Speaking of rough
edges, our other investigator Glen is the poster-child for Hell's
Angels. He's this scary biker guy with a long beard and tons of
tattoos, but he's one of the gentlest people ever. We were teaching
him about the Plan of Salvation, and he started to tear up and said he
was afraid to meet God because of the things he'd done in his past.
It's so wonderful when you can bear testimony that because of our
Savior, all of our mistakes can be made right. Through the Atonement
of Jesus Christ, we can ALWAYS repent and come back to our Father.
There is nothing we could ever do to make Him stop loving us! I think
that brought him a lot of peace, and he said he would pray about what
we taught him. Keep him in your prayers!

washable car paint and advertised it on our car...we can't see out of
the windows, but others can see what's ON them, and that's what's
important! The opportunity to hear directly from the prophet of the
whole world is such a huge blessing from God, and I know whoever hears
President Monson speak will feel the Spirit testify to them that he
truly is a prophet of God. You can watch the live streaming at
on Oct. 1st and 2nd (the time depending on your time zone in the US).
Check it out!

Quotes of the week:

Aaron: "Y'all don't have any crosses in your church, what's that about?"
Sister Grover: "We celebrate that He's risen, not that He died. How do
you think Christ would feel if he walked in a church and saw a giant
cross on the wall? 'Thanks for reminding me guys, as if I need another
reminder of my brutal death!'"

Love, Sister Brett

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