Sunday, October 23, 2016

Some Kind of Wonderful!

Can you spell e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d? We had a teaching appointment for almost every allotted hour the past 7 days, so I'm grateful it's P-day! #sleep. The members have been getting us lots of referrals...teaching member's friends is ALWAYS more effective than trying to find them on our own. But tracting is cool too. One of the coolest women in the ward is Sister Olson- we're teaching her friend from work who is super excited about the gospel! We taught about the Plan of Salvation and she was so wrapped up in it- it was amazing! The spirit was super strong. Later in the evening we taught Aaron and Taylor, our favorite thugs. We brought the second counselor in the bishopric with us to fellowship Aaron, but it didnt go quite the way we'd hoped. The first thing Aaron said to him after Brother Johnson introduced himself was, "Brooke? Your name is Brooke?" and started laughing to himself. Brother Johnson was clearly a little hurt and said' "Is it because Brooke is a girl's name?" And Aaron just laughed harder and totally offended him. Bro Johnson is a super straightforward and blunt guy (probably because he does have a girl's name 😂 ) so I think it was good for Aaron to have someone similar to him there to help him out. He's going to play b-ball at the church tomorrow...keep him in your prayers! (And the members playing with him). 

Other than that we've just been teaching new investigators- I'll write more next Pday about them! The work is going well and I'm excited for the upcoming week! 

Love, Sister Brett

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