Tuesday, October 11, 2016

New Kid on the Block

This week has been insane! My trainee is fabulous: Sister Wilcox hailing from Salt Lake City! She takes the term "hit the ground running" to new extremes...she's quite literally chased down people on the street to talk to them. Her fire for missionary work is unquenchable- I'm just trying to not get burned! Her first 24 hours in the field she committed 2 people to baptism who said yes! Allison, the single mom I talked about last week, is super on board and excited to make this covenant with Heavenly Father! The other is a woman named Clois. Clois is basically an exact replica of my mother (decorates her house x10 according to the holiday, wears pearls, adores her children)! Her nephews are LDS and recently got back from serving missions. She thought they were outstanding young men and wanted to learn about what they were teaching for the past 2 years, so she referred herself to us. She's SUPER Methodist- tons of pictures of Jesus in her home, wears a cross necklace, her Bible is all marked up and obviously well studied- the whole shebang. I was kinda nervous about how our lesson would go, but it was the most spiritual lesson I've ever had my entire mission. We talked about our life stories and how Christ had brought us to this point in our lives, I showed her MY marked up Bible and we bonded over scripture stories and similar notes we'd taken in the margins, and most importantly talked about the Book of Mormon and how it's an additional witness of who the Bible testifies of: Jesus Christ. When we were talking about it the Spirit got so strong, and she was probably listening the most intently that anyone has ever listened to us talk about the restoration before. She asked a lot of amazing questions, and we had an incredible conversation about all these things she had never heard before. Sister Wilcox took the opportunity to testify of the truthfulness of the restored gospel and invite Clois to be baptized. Her response was so heartfelt and faith-filled. She said, "This is all so new to me. I'm 70 years old, and I was brought up so differently. But I feel like these things are true, and I can't not follow God if this is what He's telling me to do." I have never met anyone so devout and so willing to submit to the Father's will. She did say her family would have some issues with it (her husband is Lutheran and her son is a born-again Christian), but I know she has grit to stay on the path! I am SO grateful Heavenly Father is allowing me to participate in her journey! 

Glenn showed up for church yesterday in his blue suede shoes, parrot shirt, and blue fedora. It was awesome. Everyone loved him and he stayed for ALL 3 HOURS. That's like unheard of with investigators. Can't wait for him to get in the font next month!!

Sis Wilcox is a little insane in the best way, and loves tracting. We're been doing a ton of door-to-doors and trying to find new investigators. She said her transfer goal was to baptize 10 people....#dreambig. I won't burst her bubble quite yet about Midwest receptiveness to Mormons, we'll just keep that between us :) I'm lucky to have such a motivated companion- watch out, Eau Claire! We're comin' for ya! 

Love, Sister Brett

Quotes of the week:

*during our lesson with Aaron*

Me: "Mosiah 4 is one of my favorite chapters. But King Benjamin is pretty bold, so don't freak out."
Aaron: "Sister Brett, you say that is if you don't light a fire under my butt every time you come here. If he's bold, you a dang lion."

Ginnie: "You just need to suck it up and get dunked. Get baptized, Aaron. Just do it."

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