Thursday, September 1, 2016

Nothing changed...except literally everything!

 New state and a new companion- what? Last week I found out I was
headed to Wisconsin for a few transfers! And not only that, but
training a new missionary! It's been kind of a crazy week. Eau Claire
is an eclectic artsy town with lots of sculptures and's
pretty hipster. And Sister Grover is hilarious! She's a cosmetologist,
so now I don't have to pay someone to cut my hair- #winning. She hails
from Colorado and is the biggest One Direction fan you'll ever meet.
Oh, and she's hecka bold. I definitely wasn't that confident when I
got out in the field!

 We haven't been able to see as many people as I want
to...something about the Wisconsin weather has got me super sick with
 bronchitis and I've been under house arrest with orders from the
mission doctor to stay inside and not contaminate the outside world.
But I know the Lord will help me get better so we can go out and do
missionary work! I feel terrible keeping Sister Grover from getting to
go out as much, but she's being a trooper and dealing with me!

I'm excited and nervous to be taking the lead in Hmong work over here.
Our district leader is a Hmong missionary too, and we're teaching a Hmong class Sundays after church! There's not much else of an update, but I'm excited for this transfer!

Love, Sister Brett

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