Friday, August 26, 2016

Double Baptisms-The Perfect End to the Transfer

Did this week even exist? So much happened, but it seems like the week
went by so quick the days weren't real. First of all, the biggest
miracle of the week- Tais Ci and Kimberly got baptized!!! I think it
was the most rewarding moment of my entire mission so far. Especially
when President Ertel cut off Ci's Shaman bracelet right before she got
in the water...watching someone literally change their entire life in
the course of a few minutes was pretty surreal. The second biggest
miracle was filling the baptismal font up in 1 hour instead of
3...there was a minor hiccup with finding someone who had keys to the
font, but it all worked out! The irony was that it was pouring rain
outside all morning, which perfectly matched the song we sang for the
baptism- "I want my life to be as clean as earth
right after rain." God has a sense of humor for sure :)

We had a branch pot-luck and talent show after the baptism. Everyone
is SO talented, it's insane! God allowed me the tender mercy of having
a guitar for a few days! A member asked me to accompany her on a song
(note: my FAVORITE song by Pink) and loaned me her guitar for the week
to practice, so I was in literal heaven. My callouses had faded after
9 months of not playing, so I was finally getting them back when it
was time to say goodbye...parting is such sweet sorrow. The
missionaries did a Book of Mormon rap in Hmong which was super fun. I
think the elders all secretly want to be K-pop was
definitely fun to pretend for the night. I'd never rapped in Hmong
before- first time for everything!

Our eternal investigator Phanida is an angel and has become my Hmong
mom while I've been serving here. She insisted on buying me an entire
traditional Hmong outfit. I don't know where else I'll ever wear it, but I'm prepared for Hmong New Years! 

Mini-update: Gabby is getting baptized Sept. 24th! We have to pass her off to the English elders so she can go to an English speaking ward, but she's golden! 

***Tender mercies: Korean BBQ, steak from a member, and getting fed
dinner every night. #foodislife

Quotes of the week:
Yer: "President Ertel, can I have your jacket since my boyfriend won't
give me one?"
Brandon: "I don't have one! What do you want me to do, Yer, take off my shirt?"

Sister Ertel: "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and look at look over at him sleeping, and my heart starts racing because I still can't believe I'm so lucky to have him."

President Ertel: "If it were up to me we'd never spend any money or have any fun. I don't like her excessive shopping per se, but it makes her happy, so it makes me happy. I've learned to just pick your battles. She usually wins anyway."

Love y'all! -Sister Brett

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