Sunday, September 25, 2016

This Week was great!

This week was great! We got a LOT of work done! The Lord has been
preparing people here for sure, because in the last 7 days we've found
some of the most golden people I've ever seen on my mish! One of those
is Nikki and she is awesome! She requested to meet with missionaries
online, so we went over to see her and we clicked immediately! It was
actually her birthday, so she shared her b-day desserts with us
#realfriends. She was baptized in the Lutheran church, but while we
were teaching her about the restoration of Christ's church, she was
like, "Oh, I get it! It's like, the Lutheran church is almost like
saying it's Martin Luther's because he put together the teachings, but
your church is Jesus Christ's church because He's in charge of
everything, right? Someone didn't decide what to teach, they just do
what God tells them to do."  There are so few people who just
straight-up GET it right off the bat! She's amazing. Once you come
to know the truth it's not hard to make the decision to leave it behind and
follow the Savior. High hopes for her!

Sis Grover and I have been counting how many churches there are in
town when we drive by them...we're up to 22. We basically live in
Palmyra. I definitely understand how confused Joseph Smith was trying
to find a church to join- you name a denomination and Eau Claire has
it. It's insane!

Speaking of unorthodox teaching opportunities, the Jehovah's Witnesses
keep sending us letters and leaving pamphlets in our mail box, so we
decided to do the same for them! We sent them a letter attached to one
of our church pamphlets thanking them for sharing their beliefs and
then taking the opportunity to share ours- I'm not sure they were
expecting that sort of response :) We're anxiously awaiting their
reply...we'll keep you updated! #penpals

We've been able to find a lot of new investigators on the college
campus in town. We show them our super cool iPad app that has these
interactive pamphlets about different gospel topics, and it's been
really successful! These last 10 months I've never seen so many new
investigators fall out of the sky like this- I give all the credit to
Sister Grover's greenie faith! Institute also started on campus, so we
get to go to the Eternal Marriage and Families class. T-R-U-N-K-Y. I
love it. Only 8 more months, right? Just kidding. Kinda.

**Miracle of the week: someone broke into the apartment's storage unit
and stole some stuff, but they didn't take our bikes! (Actually I
don't know if that's actually a miracle or not...biking isn't my
favorite thing about being a missionary!)
Also- it POURED over the weekend, but the rain helped us find a new
investigator! #showersofblessings

**Quotes of the week:
Me: You've gotta do it sensitively, like a compliment sandwich.
Sis G: 'Your shirt is cute! You weren't baptized by proper priesthood
authority. I like your pants!' Like that?

Sis G: Why do people always paint the prophet's nose so big? It's
Joseph Smith, not Nose-eph Sniff!

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