Saturday, July 2, 2016


How is it already Monday again? I swear I was just emailing a few days ago. The weeks go by so quickly! Last P-day we went to the St Paul Catholic was beautiful! The architecture is unreal. Then we went sight-seeing in downtown St Paul. I'm so used to the Minneapolis side of the Twin Cities, but I really love St. Paul! On Tuesday we did exchanges, and I got to do Spanish work with Hermana Andrus! It was such a blast. I really feel like Spanish people are my people- we played soccer (football) and watched telenovelas at an investigator's home. And by watched, I mean tried to teach a lesson while she gave us the down low on her favorite love interests. Hmong work is totally brain-washing me. I tried to bear my testimony in Spanish and ended up saying "Se que esta Phau Ntawv Maumoos es verdadero thiab Yaxeis Xamiv ib yog propheta." So basically I butchered it, but Hermana Andrus is pro and translated into real Spanish, not Hmong Spanish. They say when you start  dreaming in your mission language that's when you've mastered it...still waiting for that to happen!

We were taking Tais Amy for a walk around the nursing home, and this drunk lady comes up to us and starts trying to make us listen to classic rock on her phone. It turns out that she was actually baptized into the church when she was 12! So she asked us to come back and help her get on the right path again. It was a crazy coincidence, but God plans everything out for us!

Sarah came to a baptism on Saturday! She said she really felt the was awesome! She came to church the next day with her two little siblings and our other investigator Mor. They are both so at home in the branch. Everyone loves them and is excited for them to be baptized! We had a mission president's fireside where recent converts bear their testimony, and Mor whispered in my ear "Sister Brett, I can see myself up there sharing my story soon." It was such an incredible feeling!! Watching Mor progress from someone who was very short-tempered and had little desire to change, to someone who shows a HUGE amount of love for the gospel and is truly changing herself to qualify for baptism, has been one of the most spiritual experiences of my mission. The Atonement is real, and it's manifesting itself in her every day. 

Vicky is getting baptized this Saturday!!!! The elders taught her a lot, but passed her off to us a while ago since she's a young girl and it's probably more appropriate that we teach her. She picks up things so quickly, and it's no surprise to anyone she's deciding to follow Christ into the waters of baptism. Yay!!!

Quotes of the week:

President Ertel: "Sisters, can you check up on this grandma? We haven't seen her in a while. Her temple recommend has expired, and she may have as well." 

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