Wednesday, July 27, 2016

So two missionaries walk into a bar...

there's no actual joke attached
to this, except for maybe the fact we thought we were going out to
dinner with our investigator Mor and instead she took us to the
sketchiest bar in North St. Paul...that's kind of a joke. All she
wanted to do was karaoke, but no one else in town had it, so we had to
wait until our curfew (which is when when they opened it up), she sang
some quick Tupac, and we ditched it back to our apartment. But she had a blast, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't enjoy real music for a little bit too! 

Our mission has really been focusing on sacrifice and consecration this transfer. A lot of things have been distracting us from our missionary purpose: to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel. So we decided we had to stop volunteering at the cultural center- we thought it was best if we focused more on our missionary efforts
instead of using that time to talk to the grams and gramps. It was an
awesome opportunity to show them missionaries weren't scary and build
relationships with them, so if missionaries ever come knocking on
their door they'll be more willing to let them in. It was sad to
leave, but we know we'll be blessed for our efforts. We actually had some immediate blessings from our sacrifice! We met Sonny Vue, he's an awesome
new investigator and apparently famous? He was in Grand Torrino.... Kuv
tsis paub, never seen it. But he's way cool! We've already met with him twice and he always gives us ice cream #perks

I read a really great general conference talk called 'What Shall a Man
Give In Exchange For His Soul?' It says, "We are to give up all our
sins, big or small, and forget self-justifying stories, excuses,
rationalization, defense mechanisms, personal pride, judgmental
thoughts, and doing things our way." Sometimes that is SO HARD. The last thing the natural man in all of us wants to do is let go of pride and truly humble himself. But the Lord can't make us what we're meant to be if we hold back, and only give Him a piece of us. We need to hand over all our dreams and desires and hopes and say "Your plans for me are better than anything I could dream for myself." Truly giving yourself to God and being an instrument in His hands is really the only way to serve a mission. If you do it while trying to get something out of it other than the Lord's will, you're going to come home completely unchanged and unhappy. Every day is a decision to let go and let God. I'm grateful He works with us despite our flaws and imperfections :) 

The relief society went bowling, and the grandmas pretended like they
didn't even know what bowling was, and then totally creamed everybody.
Tais Kiab heckled us so hard, it was hilarious. I've never lost a game so hard. But it was one of the best moments of the week! 

Love you all so much! -Sister Brett

Quotes of the Week:

Brother Ly- "If you see a guy, and your heart starts to go 'boom boom
boom' in your chest, and you get all sweaty, and you have butterflies
in your stomach, you know you need to RUN AWAY. But if you have a guy
who makes you feel comfortable and safe, and like you're worth
something, NEVER let that one go."

"Don't pick somebody right for you, pick somebody right for your children."

"If he doesn't love God, He'll never truly know how to love you. If he
cherishes his relationship with Heavenly Father just as much as he
does his relationship with you, that's how you know you'll always make

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