Monday, May 23, 2016

Hitting the Six Month Mark

It doesn't seem like I've been on my mission for 6 months! It feels
like a week ago I was still home, but it also feels like missionary
work is all I've ever done. It's definitely been the most worthwhile
thing I've done in my life. This week was full of miracles!
Ruth's parents said she could come to church, and now their whole
family is investigating! We brought some of the members who use to be
part of the Hmong Alliance Church before they were baptized, and it
really helped her parents accept it! And not only to let their
daughters come, but for them to come as well. I am so hopeful for her
family. We also had stellar lessons with Angie and her 2 friends Pa
and Sundy. Their parents are Shaman and don't believe in Christianity,
but they really want to learn about Jesus Christ. They're super cute,
and we're going to their school talent show to support them this
Friday! Angie and her sister-in-law Macy committed to be baptized on
June 5th! Macy has a baby on the way and wants the best for her
family, and thinks the church will help her family become closer.
She's right about that :)

Speaking of babies on the way....I'm going to be an aunt!!! My brother
and his wife are expecting a little girl in October! I'm so excited
for them, but a little heartbroken I won't get to see her until she's
already 7 months old! But God works everything out for a reason. 

Yesterday we had zone conference with all the missionaries in our area
and talked about the differences between sin and weakness. It was
super inspirational to hear that weaknesses aren't necessarily sins,
but actually an opportunity to grow closer to God and rely on Him to
strengthen us. Ether 12:27! Our medical missionary said something
really cool  "For sin he offers us forgiveness, for weakness he offers
us grace." We need all the forgiveness and grace we can get! I'm so
grateful that the Atonement covers our sins AND our weaknesses. Later on we
had a safety seminar on ticks and the Minnesota state bird- the
mosquito. Basically they told us we'll all probably get Lyme disease,
but it's treatable, so it's all good. Can't wait for summer! #killme.
Today is zone pday (which is why my email is a little short today), so
we're doing games and stuff at the park together. Our zone is all
foreign language missionaries, so there's always 4 different
conversations going on in different languages and no way to keep up
haha. BUT the other day Sister Xiong was in the bathroom and a member
of the branch started talking to me, and praying in my heart the whole
time, I was able to understand her AND respond with her understanding
me! I was on cloud 9 all day about that. Little victories :)

Shout out to my parents being member missionaries and helping out with the full-time missionary effort in Mississippi! They shared a really cool experience with me about fellowshipping someone in need, and now she's coming to church with them! Proof you don't need to serve a mission to be a missionary :)
Miracle of the week: Our entire mission has been focusing on setting
solid baptismal dates. Usually we average around 30 date-sets a month,
so we fasted to increase our teaching pool, and so far this month we
have 90 DATE SETS! The power of fasting and prayer is real.

Quote of the week:  "When you have trouble loving someone, love them
for who they can become."

-Sister Brett

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