Monday, May 23, 2016

Goodbye English....Hello Hmong

*** This letter from Sister Brett's Mission  is out of order...It is actually from five weeks ago***
          The little elves who post Sister Brett's letters each week forgot to post it....sorry.
Transfers JUST came out this morning and I'm still processing everything. I am no longer an English speaking missionary....I'm being reassigned to the Hmong language! I'm opening up a brand new area with a Hmong companion and we start in ONE DAY. I am so excited, but I know it'll be a lot of hard work- good thing I love egg rolls. I am so sad to leave behind Eden Prairie, there was a lot of great work to be done here! But I know the next missionaries to take over will do awesome.
This week was crazy fun. We taught the Restoration to some cool druggies who only knew about the Mormons from South Park and The Book of Mormon musical (more to come on that later). They were super chill and had more tattoos than bare skin, but weren't really keen on coming to church at the moment (cuz, you know, drugs). But they were really nice and have a lot of potential when they're not busy with their illegal substances. 
We had another lesson with Tony with our mission president and his wife, who used to be Catholic like him. Her testimony was so powerful and brought him to tears. He's currently in the Philippines, but we'll continue to Skype teach him while he's gone. I love him!
We picked up a new family to teach, the Van Marters. They're the landlord of a recent convert, and they're legit. They're both covered in tattoos and met in VERY.....VERY...unorthodox ways. I think one of the hardest parts about being a missionary is all the confidentiality you have to keep, even when you know disclosing certain things to others would help them. But they have a beautiful newborn baby named Heaven Reign and are looking for a church to accept them and help them get back on their feet. They're so funny and great people!
All the missionaries serving in the cities went to a Twins baseball game on Thursday which was a total blast. I got to see Sister Peterson again! It was the best reunion getting to see her and my old district. The Book of Mormon musical is coming to Minneapolis, so they had posters everywhere advertising it. Maybe that'll send some people over to the real missionaries! After that we taught mission prep for the Young Women a few towns over and it was great! They all really want to serve. I'm so thrilled when I think of all the righteous young women and future mothers going out to serve. IT'S AWESOME.
That was basically our week! I'm a little bummed to be leaving an amazing area, but I am so so so excited to open this new area and experience a new culture and people. Let's hope the gift of tongues comes in handy! I love this gospel, and it's for all people, all around the world, even the ones right here in Minnesota. Love, Sister Brett

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