Monday, May 22, 2017


This week was jam-packed with MIRACLES!!! We've been trying out new ideas around campus to find new investigators including free slacklining, prayers for finals week, chalking Book of Mormon verses on the sidewalk and handing out copies, serenading people with hymns- you name it, we tried it. And the Lord hardcore BLESSED our efforts! We got six new investigators! (I know if you're serving a mission in South America or something that would be like one day's worth, but for Minnesota it's a total miracle!) And it started out as randomly as saying "Hey, do you want some prayers for your finals?" And it would usually end up with a super cool conversation about their spirituality and how they could grow it even more. I think people are more open to Christ in their life when they really need Him (like when you're about to take finals haha), but in reality they need Him all the time! 

We had an AMAZING lesson with Emilee! We've taught her a few times and she was a little skeptical because she's so active in her church and pretty firm in her beliefs, but this time we asked her about what she felt in her heart regardless of her previous conceptions. When we asked her if she believed the things we taught were true, she got quiet and said, "It's hard to deny it when you pray and feel so strongly that it's true." She had a super spiritual experience when she asked God what He wanted her to do, and now she's rock solid. She told her family she was going to be baptized and they were pretty upset. Her family is super Lutheran and tried to convince her to change her mind, but she stood her ground and told them THEY needed to pray about it too! WHAT THE HECK! She's THE BEST! She wants to get baptized next Saturday, but there's a devotional with President Russell M. Nelson that day, so hopefully we can make it work! 

Member missionary work at its finest: Our recent convert Victor recognized one of the new investigators we're teaching and totally hopped into our conversation and started telling her his conversion story! They'd gone to Bible camp together in high school and knew each other really well, so it was a crazy coincidence! (Except there are no coincidences, God's hand is in everything!). It was AWESOME. We taught about the Restoration of the gospel- well, actually, Victor taught most of it- and we set up a return appt! We're pumped!

Things are just going so great in the YSA!! I'm actually kinda disappointed things are going so amazingly- it'll make it that much harder to leave. But I'm so grateful I get to be here at this particular time. Heavenly Father has perfect timing! 

Love, Sister Brett

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